MÆSS is a series of participatory, live performances — which leave a growing installation behind them — allowing audiences to create, alter and inhabit a material landscape. Layered with live music and movement, the piece takes what seems to be an immutable object and explores its plasticity, to ask questions about our relationships with built environments and our capacity to effect change within them.

Conceived by FXXX BXXXXX and architect Paloma Gormley, the piece (which is an ongoing experiment) was initially a response to some research undertaken by FXXX in Brazil as part of the 2015 Lina Bo Bardi Fellowship. Awarded by the British Council, this Fellowship promotes the exploration of Bo Bardi’s work and her impact on culture as it is still felt today. In it’s first stage in early 2016, Mass was supported by the British Council in the UK and Stroom Den Haag in the Netherlands. It is now being developed further with support from the Jerwood Choreographic Research Project.

Concept + direction: FXXX BXXXXX and Paloma Gormley
Music: Tiernan Beames