Santa Bušs

Santa Bušs is a Latvian composer especially interested in detailed pre-compositional process and working with extra-musical ideas (found in other art forms, physiology, history, mythology, nature, architecture, medicine, sports, philosophy, etc.). Though her main focus and form of expression has been linked with instrumental music, lately she has discovered a deep interest in the voice and its possibilities, as well as being keen to expand her approach towards sound, composition and exploring different forms of collaboration. This also includes exploring territories between conventional and unconventional notation and performance techniques, as well as experimenting between the boundaries of music, theatre and opera, often focusing on the physical manipulation of instruments and the presence of musicians as a source of drama. She has studied both composition and musicology at the Latvian Academy of Music and Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. Her works have been performed throughout Europe, in North America and Asia, and you can hear a collection of them on SoundCloud.

Santa Bušs is currently collaborating with Oedipa on Instruments of War.